Picking up the petals

Seeing our own life in the framework of another’s, can provide a comparison that enables both perspective, comfort and inspiration. Not long after I learned to dance the choreography to Isadora Duncan’s Rosepetals in 2014-2015, I felt moved and inspired to continue her work.It feels like such an awesome synchronicity with my first book and photos, all with improvised poses before I knew the Isadora Duncan dance style, and in a way also my second book, since Isadora herself had to leave the United States just like I had to in 2012, it seems like a good idea to build something partly based on her work. Letting my journey become inspired by hers. Daring to choreograph and perform more, like I started again when I took up dancing in Malmö and Honolulu, while grieving my mother. All leading to Isadora Duncan, coming full circle with how I used to love to dance as a little girl.

Perhaps simply by picking up the petals.