Inevitably, whether we call it enlightenment and personal growth, or it’s something forced upon us, changes in our life can be both necessary and alter our ways of thinking. Change can be simply moving to a different place or even changing clothes. If we remain the same as a person it’s an outer change. If we adapt but reluctantly, it’s something that will eat at us, whereas letting insights create a natural will to alter our own behavior with a positive sense of discovery, it becomes a transformation, an evolution. At first it takes us into similar patterns of who we meet. When we are able to change our responses and actions, we can reach another level to move forward from. It becomes the spiral of evolution.

Becoming a regular church-goer has enabled me a much lesser need of spiritual seeking in self-help literature. And while I still have to use coping, it becomes a way of emotional detachment grounded in a positive way, rather than just the need to flee. Once I found my identity through faith and could start to reclaim and develop my authentic self inside and out, its expression becomes a simple matter of what I am doing when and how. In my case, how I handle money matters differently in the flow of life, since 2015 is one example. Another is when I choose to be quiet among others, or not, which in turn can be perceived differently according to language and culture. Left then, is our authentic self, dare we to remain being who we are regardless of. Letting the outside change.

The everchanging ocean is the ultimate church, showing us how to live in harmony.