Healing on time

I wouldn’t have PTSD if I had received adequate therapy in a timely manner. This alone makes me question what Sweden is trying to show the world. Are they that naive or simply evil?

I found an EMDR-therapist in Stockholm 2013, but was denied due to not having a longer apartment lease than 3 months, ie a more permanent place to live. In 2014, I found someone in Oakland, CA instead, but again I was stalked and sabotaged, and
therethrough stopped from remaining in the small studio apartment I had gotten through the Swedish welfare office, who pretends that Daniel Andersson is a paranoia (!). And any other stalkers and impersonators, based on my writing and publicity – I became stalked the first time when I was 17. How can they not communicate with the police?

In fall 2017, finally a great opportunity to get a long-term lease for a small studio, presented itself outside of Stockholm. And to the same rent I had had while living on studentloan in Honolulu! But the Swedish welfare office denied it on the basis of being too expensive and forced me to live in more expensive hostels that I had to beg on the street to be able to pay, while loosing my physical health.

All this has prevented me from sending in an application for a waiver to return to the United States, and receiving their answer. Or start therapy in Sweden.

And start working, get married and build my business. Or at the least be interviewed in the media about my cases, including my report to the UN, and my knowledge. And about my books that would provide me with an income!


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