Side effects of the soul

Lately I have noticed that I can suddenly dread, or feel it is too dark, to go down staircases.

When I think back, this was also one of the issues I had when I started feeling like I had begun to develop exhaustion syndrome 20 years ago, when my sensitivity to earthquakes and similar became more prominent. And today it struck me, as I climbed down to the beach on rocky rails, that I’m simply afraid of falling again, whether tripped, off a horse, or walking down into a too deep swimming pool. Thus, integrating the healed soul implies going through similar things on the surface, without the same happening, but instead providing the safety now that we didn’t have or feel back then.

But it also is how we can develop necessary caution and care, rather than assume it would be due to hesitation. It’s the hesitation that can save us. Or hinder. It’s all about what is empowering and lifegiving!

Photo of me from Hotel Palacio’s pool next to the Banyan wellness center in Estoril, Portugal, where I got Lomilomi before I put my head under water for the first time in 2015.

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