The learning process

How do we know what to do and how? How can we develop a better understanding of ourselves, others and earth in ways that can let us also develop both compassion and creativity? The first thing we must learn is what knowledge is.

Everything we take in from the outside, such as what we read, listen to and watch, becomes knowledge. How we understand it all depends on what we have been taught before, and our opinion about what we read and have experienced. Thus, everything we experience becomes understood subjectively due to our previous experiences, and our upbringing, education, culture and norms. We meet in the inbetween of what we observe and react to. The best way to learn is therefor by observing and trying, reflecting, asking and trying again, just like the seasons bring phases. Read not so much facts and figures about the climate, go outside and have a look where you live and make a note. Then compare it the next year yourself.

Locals are not just people living in a city or area, but people doing so for enough seasons to know the nature of things in the immediate environment. How cold it gets, the cycle of storms or when to enjoy the sun outside and how to get sheltered and safe. What to eat when and how. And how to take care of ourselves and each other. It’s not about the culture, although this contributes to what culture is, but how we relate to our home. Our Mother Earth. The foundation for all life.

Our knowledge becomes pearls of wisdom when we try it ourselves, learn from it and improve, or change, the way we are doing something. This type of change is called transformation. And remember, whether we are black or white, blondes or brunettes, scholars or factory workers, we all walk on the same Earth. We all need the same things and we all share the same emotions. If good health is our joined priority, space to create will grow naturally to create even better.

We are born of light, and to light we shall return. Show yours!

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