Room to improve

Each good dance studio have mirrors. It’s a treasure to dare look oneself in the eyes and feel good about it. For many years, I just felt weird and sick watching myself. Everything felt awful, but it was also then I realized how much the sexual assault in the 90’s and somebody’s continuing taking from me, had have an impact. Now, I can see myself dancing and smile instead.

The mirrors are there for both ourselves and our teacher to see our motions, so we can be corrected and be as one when we dance together. Preferably we see our own mistakes to improve. Or decide to change, interpret different or make new, which eventually make us into professionals. Each detail counts. Each detail a decision:

The angle and direction of each pose. Facing up or down. Pointed toe or flexed. Turned out or parallell. Each pose stand for one count, one note, one tone in a melody in a variety of rhythms and tempo. Sometimes more motions need to be fitted in, or done slower but still always moving.

The same can be applied to practicing other types of Movement Arts such as yoga, pilates or qigong. All to ensure that we use our bodies correctly to not harm ourselves and of course to tone and improve our strength, flexibility and balance. Then we add a desired sentiment and emphasis. Just like we can talk in different dialects and make it mean differently with the different emotions we feel, or add on purpose, we can dance likewise.

Photos of me and Isadora Duncan.

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