Clean eating

To enable my healing, I started to change both what I eat, and how, over the years, beginning in 1996 when I became a vegetarian with the add of fish. It would however take until 2008, until I realized I needed to bless my food and eat both glutenfree and lactosefree to soothe my stomach and get a clear skin. It does!

My diet is simple. I don’t call it a diet since I have no want to loose any weight, but rather gain. Nonetheless, to me it’s all about eating clean and real. Natural, organic resources in its original form, for example rather real fruit than smoothies to make sure it becomes digested and assimilated with all its proper nutrients and fibers in its unadultered forms.

Breakfast and cooked lunch as well as dinner. Spring water, herbal tea with honey and semi-dark chocolate every day. And chicken or turkey to help with protein and iron due to living under my current circumstances.

It’s all about season and simplicity – to eat what makes you feel well.

I used to grow my own orange tree inside my apartment in Malmö, Sweden, but couldn’t pollinate it to bear fruit so I donated it to a local greenhouse. Glad to see this in Portugal!

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