What works?

A way to heal and feel happy, is to focus on what has worked before. Remember a time and place that was really good for you and try to find the components making it so. Then use this as a reference for choosing your next endeavor!

Naturally, I have gone through this coaching too and how to reclaim myself better.

An example is when I was in Los Angeles in spring 1995, everything was good with me, eventhough I was breaking up with someone and just had misscarried. In a way, that one week driving around California for a copywriting assignment together with a photographer’s assistant, proved to be lifesaving, just because it put me back into myself with the right kind of distance I needed from my relationship in Sweden, which was with another co-worker.

We were in California to prepare photoshoots and interviews for a promotional magazine about the California cuisine for a Swedish dairy-firm. Of course, we had already done both research and contacted everybody before we left but now it was time to ensure the travel itinerary would hold within budget. It did.

So, what worked so well?

* I led the project planning and booking with trust in me

* I felt equal with the photographer’s assistant and had fun, feeling welcomed as a media crew when we arrived

* I spoke English and used my American free spirited self, experience and outgoing personality without being shrunken

* I had everything paid for, within a budget

* I saw the project being finished with positive approval by both the rest of the advertising agency and our client

So, this can therefore be part of a positive reference in comparison to other assignments for work, what to choose to say yes to, or retract from.

When we are allowed to do our best and shine, everybody wins for our unique competencies to be contributing to the whole!

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