Overcoming fears

In order to heal, we must also do our part to improve both our health and our behavior, increasing care and kindness. This also becomes the way we can overcome fears.

Often, bodily symptoms are ignored, even by physicians according to my personal experience, which is why it becomes such an evil journey and soul searching to treat the origin, rather than placing a rug on top made of anti-depressants or other types of numbing medicines. I refused all, since I don’t believe it would be a mental illness to have low bloodpressure or become sick to your stomach when others call you bad names with the intent to harm and take your life in all meanings possible, or simply due to eating lactose and gluten.

Fear in turn affects the way we breathe together with the climate we’re in. Why should I take an anti-depressant for that, instead of sleeping my needed 7-9 hrs per night, eating properly and drinking enough water?

So, after surviving my dental procedures with improvement in 2013 and 2014, and realizing how stalked I was on making appointments, my next goal became to overcome my fear of water due to an early near drowning experience, which in turn might even have impacted my so called anxiety at the dentist.

In 2015, I did! I put my head under water in a beautiful pool in Portugal after receiving Lomilomi treatment (Hawaiian massage) and also in the ocean. I have continued since also in Stockholm, taking notice of my own reaction, learning to stay and do it slower, but not to become too cold. I even felt I became less cold than when I only dipped myself to the shoulders, the other day, also now in Portugal 2019. What if someone could teach me something about that? What more can I learn to do?

Could I even learn how to swim now?

And the reward? The instant true feeling of joy!

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