Making our home ready

To have a place for our soul to live is both about having a home and a body it feels safe in. Many people who experience sever traumas have described out of body experiences or simply know a piece of their soul leaves temporarily, sometimes attached to the body but not grounded inside, ready to leave if a similar threat would occur again.

My soul retrival has been done in several sessions which has taken many years to integrate. It is through a combination of meditation, prayer, breathing and lomilomi massage, this is made possible, upon learning to eat, process emotions and sleep better with more awareness. Most of all, we must make ourselves welcome with self-love, which starts with forgiving and finding compassion for ourselves.

This in turn requires a safe place to eat and sleep, among other friendly people, and/or with solitude to be able to relax fully without any interference, together with joy and celebration.

And sometimes it’s given back to us through another’s exhale.

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