Healing our chakras

If I’m nauseous, then what chakra or place in the body, does it correspond to and why? The first clue is always found in our body and our posture. How am I sitting and walking? As a dancer I’m being made aware of this as soon as I enter the studio and the correction begins. Myself first and then a little extra by my teacher.

Outside the dance studio it’s different. I’m often too cold, sabotaged and trying to fight it off and soon it’s easy to forget. In my 20’s, I used to remember to correct my posture in the store’s waiting lines, always able to spot any other dancer by the way we can walk. Not dancing made me loose some of that straight back and outwardly natural welcoming expression. Could this affect how I feel? Of course!

It starts with breathing, but even before that, making room for our lungs to breathe. Is my body a room?

In the style of Isadora Duncan dance, we lead with our solar plexus in our motions and it was by learning this in 2014, I began to really heal for keeps. Emotionally, it’s about making room for us to feel, and spiritually to be connected to the whole.

How can this be considered a mental illness, which Sweden long has wanted me to have as a diagnosis? Am I then thinking in the wrong way about being cold, tired and hungry? Am I supposed to deny myself food, water, warmth and shelter? Why am I then being denied, or have it taken away from me, for almost 10 years?

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