The nine year old girl

It was in 1979, I started feeling weirdly nauseous the first time and couldn’t fall asleep. I was very skinny, but all my levels were right on the chart when my parents took me to the doctors. All my vaccinations were done and I rarely got the flu but for a cold once or twice a year.

I had suffered from a concussion the year before, after falling over a cord in a dark classroom when I had been told to raise the volume on the tape recorder on the desk up front, while the substitute teacher was standing in the back, managing the slideshow. I had become unconscious and was later taken to the hospital for a night but recuperated from that with several weeks of rest without being allowed to watch TV or read. I soon regained playing.

We lived in a nice house in Lund, in the south of Sweden, with a big garden filled with apple trees. And my room faced the side with a tall bush of lilacs making it scent all the way in. I had made new friends both in school and down the street, and my little black bunny Skutt had come with us when we had moved from Lidköping. In Lund, we lived close to the big university hospital, so one winter when we had had much snow and storms, we saw and heard military helicopters land on their roof.

I was born in Uppsala in Sweden 1970, and lived there until 1977, but for some six months in 1974, when we lived in Heidelberg, Germany, where my Dad made research to his dissertation in Ethnography, before he became a writer and had his first book published in 1979 – a book about the Russian invasion in Afghanistan.

We left Heidelberg in a hurry, my Mum and I, since my brother decided to arrive two months early. My Mum studied too, languages and literature, and then started working as a secretary. I attended second grade directly, when I started elementary school after my parents had decided that I’d take an IQ-test, ie I was a year younger than all my classmates. I started taking ballet classes 1978 and continued in Lund 1979. I also started to love horses and went to visit the nearby riding club.

What was wrong then?

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