The spa ritual is as old as us, where we take baths both to get cleaned, but also rejuvenated and sometimes healed. Through our skin, we can absorb minerals and biological nutrients, just as we can attract dirt and pollution.

Salt from the ocean is the most potent and common way of taking a bath, since it aligns with our natural balance of water in our own bodies. Our body in harmony with the body of earth.

Then we can add various etheric oils, which scents affect our sense of wellbeing, especially when heated up and dispersed into the air. Do you want to feel uplifted or relaxed?

We can also use semi-precious gemstones that vibrate at various levels, also to help us balance ourselves back to our original state of health, the holistic belief.

Here is a sample of one of those combinations of crystals made into salt, to enable a return to the same pH-level we once lived in our mother’s womb.

You can also try to pick a gemstone and carry with you, or to sit and hold while you meditate, either to release old energy into, or to charge yourself with, while lessening the energy radiating from computers and TV’s where you live. Mountain crystals always work, just as Rosequartz – little pieces of earth connecting us with the places they came from with their inherent special benefits.

Be one with nature!

(Notice the smart way of using a wall for a shower to the bath-tub!)

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