… is always going to be humans.

It’s simple things like how we pollute the air with car-exhaustion, besides wars and bombs, and how we litter our oceans with trash so Dolphins gets trapped in nets, leading to our precious eco-systems becoming disturbed in its balance. A balance we can belong to. But what is even more threatening, is all the travel people do.

Migrating brings not only conflict among ourselves, but spread diseases, robs areas of natural resources and human capital that no longer can get fed and live on their own. Therefore, the biggest threat to climate change and the emerging need for action, is an issue of immigration and health – to find our own best natural habitat and stay there.

Tourism has to be curbed with a limit to spending. Two weeks per year of course, but not weekends in Thailand when you live in Sweden. How much do you then destroy where you are going to? Instead we must focus on creating sustainable venues with eco-tourism related assignments to foster a caring relationship with Mother Earth on location to increase understanding and motivation to continue at home.

How do we become clean? By simplicity, by taking responsibility for our choices, eating natural ingredients, preferably locally produced, remembering that the body of Mother Earth is nothing but an extension of our own bodies.

What have we done so far? Electrical cars is one great invention, (Is there an electrical VW beattle yet? We women love driving them in our family. We’re Holocaust survivors on my mother’s side.) wind-turbines another. Can you think of other examples? Please share in the comment section or link to your blog and add your own ideas!

I hope you will also come and discuss with others what we can do regularly, at Telluselle Living Center.

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