We all seek excitement and yearn to feel guided in our lives, as well as be entertained with a good mystery to solve. Are there then actual signs we can follow?

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Just like with symptoms and the weather, we can feel it as a positive or negative reinforcement in our bodies, an alignment of our own plan or an inspiration to change direction. What the most important thing to remember is, it’s always best perceived personal. Nobody can know what you are thinking and remembering. This is the foundation of your interpretation – what you uniquely associate with what or who you encounter spontaneously, while also listening to your intuition. Want to try?

Start by walking on different streets on a different hour than you normally would. Let yourself be open and present while you take the time to enjoy your surroundings. A sign can be a name, an actual sign, something showing in a window, what someone is wearing or saying, or even how the clouds shape in the sky.

Let me give you an example. I became stalked more intensly when I lived in Stockholm, growing worse in 2014 and onward. In one way, it could be the same guy like before and in some way it felt like it was done differently and more thorough, like a woman would. But who?

One day, I passed by an apartment building on a street I hadn’t been on for two decades, while feeling spirits around me. I looked in to see the table of tenants and saw two sets of “Rogmark” on it. A Swedish last name that I immediately associated with one of my friends at Malmö University, Petter, who married a woman called Camilla Rogmark in 2003. A guy I tried to contact among the first when I had been deported back to Sweden from the US, since he has been part of a UN batalion, worked as a high ranking officer in the Swedish Defense Headquarters and studied communication. He has also worked as a guard at Securitas I believe, and has been a nice guy, I have met outside our classes a couple of times.

Logic reasoning made it easy to understand, the stalker would have to be someone with access to a warehouse of used things and clothes, perhaps a stylist, a vintage store worker or someone working in a theatre, placing things where I have lived and on occasion taken. But who? I had also felt energy-vibes and met some people from my old small hometown Eslöv, in Stockholm, making me wonder.


A couple of weeks ago, I passed by this wall on Schubertstrasse here in Frankfurt. It looks a little like the ones homes have in Hawaii, so naturally I peeked into the lobby and glanced through the names of who is living there. Could it even have any available apartments? The name “Herskowitz” caught my eye. Isn’t that the name of that librarian in Lidingö, who also have lived down south Sweden? I also had a vague recollection of a family with that name in our town, Jewish, I believe. Perhaps even wealthy enough to buy apartment buildings, like Roger, a friend’s beau.

A quick googling later, I found the name “Julia Herskowitz”. Could it be her? 30 year old Swedish woman with German heritage, working as a costume designer and studying set design at Dramaten, Sweden’s old opera theatre.

Then add the presence of my grandparents’ spirits, feeling like death was near several summers in Lidingö etc, all to my rescue with their warnings.


But how does this connect to Camilla Rogmark and the name twice? Well, Julia is also the name of Jesse’s former fiancee (my favorite fisherman – a special guy in Hawaii I loved, who hands out warrants and restraining orders, through who I found Christian faith after my mother has passed away) just like I was born called Camilla. The name.

Mystery solved!

(All has been reported continously to legal authorities in several countries and part of why I had to postpone starting up Telluselle Living Center. On whose initiative the stalking is of me could be her own, Barack Obama’s or Malin Berghagen – it’s mir egal!)

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