This tree stands in an octagon shape outside an Italian ice-cream café in Frankfurt. What is neat about that, is that it’s actually the design-idea I had, in 2010 when I developed my business plan for building Telluselle Living Center – to build it like an octagon shaped house with a tree in the middle, since we all need trees to live. For oxygen, for shade and sometimes even for nutrition. Looking at a tree regularly keeps you present while you see how the seasons are changing. Not to mention our birds and small mammals need to use it for living in, just as we often use the wood to build our own homes. To connect to a tree is one of the most natural thing to do that is good for our health. This is also why we will have a bench around the tree for people to sit with their back against it. Remember, Buddha became enlightened when he was meditating under a tree. Can you too?


Would you like to feel more connected to nature right now? Try meditating with a tree. Sit on the ground, or stand, with your back directly leaning against the tree so you can feel your spine aligning with the trunk. Then let yourself become like the tree. Inhale and exhale, letting the tree charge you with its energy, while you discharge your upset feelings into the ground – the tree functioning as a natural lightning-conductor. We have all learned to avoid trees when it is thundering outside, but when we are the thunder with our anger, however, we can let the tree pull down our energy into the ground.

Nurture your own inner tree as well as nature’s own. Hug one!

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