There has always been a longing for me to not have to wear makeup. To dare to be bare and just feel fresh. Or just to put on a little mascara. Sometimes however, make-up can be a shield with our skin which also is the third lung of our bodies according to Chinese Medicine, but also in a way towards others. But does it become a mask? It seems that is what happens when some people go overboard with their cosmetic surgeries. Isn’t it a longing then to hide their insecurity behind a layer of seeming perfection, a facade?


A shield can also be spiritual and personal. A spiritual shield is created by joining others in prayers or when receiving others’ blessings and with the help of angels. I can feel a softness of my heart when I do, just as I can feel that Muslims can even out the Christian, but perhaps function better as a protection, just like the Buddhist one, enables a joining of a sort of friendship. Maybe it’s a matter of finding balance between daring to need others, male and female.

The personal shield is our personality – our Ego – that is shown in how we naturally enjoy expressing ourselves. At best, wearing makeup then becomes the enhancer of our best selves or the part we want to promote the most. And on stage the freedom to be someone completely different.

To have a good shield, requires good health. How is yours and what strengthens it in a positive way?

Brands that are biological and you will be able to buy and use at Telluselle Living Center are: John Masters’ Organics, Uertekram and Lavera, with the add of one locally made!

The bark of the tree seems to have been harmed due to pollutions in the air.


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