It’s nothing more rewarding than watching how an idea comes to life and into production. The real reward lies in the idea, to come up with something yourself, that you have dared come up with through your own creativity. The idea is the seed from which the rest grows.

It starts in your imagination. Imagine how you would like it to be, follow your thought of something you wish, whether it is a new piece of clothing you desire or a whole new life and business elsewhere. This imagining process when written down is called a vision and is what all real longlasting businesses have and use to set goals. It is within the vision, the purpose becomes known. A vision is simply a desired outcome for the future.

Think of a problem or something you often use that you wish were better or cheaper or nicer looking. Are there any other people feeling like you? Then it becomes an opportunity to be inventive either for them to buy your product or service instead, or to work together with. How do you want it to look and be?

What do you then need to make this happen? There is where your strategy and goals are formed.

At Telluselle Living Center you’ll have the chance to meet others who likes to create new green solutions for a better society. How does a better society look like without sounding like Utopia? Let’s create a vision of that too for the community you live in.

Dare to imagine!

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