Imagine stepping into a mall, but instead of just stores offering merchandise, you’ll find a variety of alternative and holistic practices and therapies, alongside creativity seminars and coaching for you to find the right remedy and personal development tools.

This is how my business idea first came to me as a visualisation in 1999 and became developed into its first plan, called “Lusthuset” (ie a house for lust of life and a pavillion in a park).

During the years to come and after working with writing and developing the fitness club Forum’s magazine for its members, together with a corporate presentation for natural supplements I had made prior, and my own qigong practising, interest and assessment exercises, I set out to learn more and develop this into an actual business plan, that was suggested at first here.

The idea took the shape into a coaching, dance and yoga studio, paired with therapies, organic hairdressser and bio cafe and was ready to become built in 2008 in Stockholm, I hoped.

It was however not until 2010, I met with an architect in Honolulu and in 2014, I started getting to know the dance form of Isadora Duncan.

img_4883 (1)

Late last night, I was sitting and talking to a man from Argentina here in Frankfurt. He said: “Healing and art comes from the same place.” Totally agree. The artist Carlos, recommended me to go have a look at the Schiller passage.


And today, I soon found myself passing by the very same and saw this available space! Could it not say “Balansfokus” above the door? Or to sell bamboo products? Or simply become in charge for the whole mall…?! What an amazing opportunity to practice my marketing expertise with organizational development consultancy here!

Opportunities abound. But will envious people get in the way again?

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