When we dance Hula, the sidestep is called Kaholo, which means to travel. Hips moving sideways with the flow of life force, creativity. And just like with dancing, we can travel through an inner journey as well as an outer. All to be used where you are living in your daily life. So, how would you like to live and why are you not?

The tools to be offered at Telluselle Living Center are designed to take you home, the same way I did, whether you want and need all or just would like to keep up with a practice or delve into something new. It’s about finding and living in a flexible balance, like a tree stands firmly rooted, changes with the seasons and still moves softly with the wind.

Here you can find your center through meditation and strengthen your flow and clarity of mind with qigong.

Here you can explore your values, needs, desires, obstacles and strengths together with a coach to enable you to reach your goals.

Here you can meet with others to discuss and define how to best live and work together in society while discovering new ideas and learn more about making green improvements.

Here you will be able to release, build, express and celebrate your own joyful expression with dance, whether through improvising with the 5 rhythms or through special choreographies and styles revolving around a spiritual connection with nature.

You will find the best care for your body, hair and face that also are just as good for Mother Earth, making you become one with, while you receive and breathe through the practice as needed with Lomilomi and forgiveness. And here you can eat something organic that fills you up with good energy.

Become your best self, whole and ready to share with the world, in harmony with nature.

This is Telluselle Living.

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