Ready for 2019? If you’re like most, you’re probably pretty tired of cheerful resolutions and declarations of promises for a better life with a pretty photo of a yogapose. But, you might still have that wish to reach that specific goal of yours. How do you do that then?



There is a secret behind all setting and striving – it is the actual desire that makes us feel better and thus enable us to perform better. But, there is also a way to increase your motivation by opening yourself up for more ways of reaching your goal than what you first thought. Here is an example:

You want to loose weight and possibly to a certain number or size. Then there are a couple of things to have in mind. Answer this:

1. Why do you want to loose weight?

2. Who is this goal coming from? Yourself, your spouse, your boss, your doctor or society in general?

3. What will you feel once you have lost weight do you think?

4. Use that statement and ask yourself what you can do to feel like that – is there other things you can or even must do?

5. What are you going to do with your new improved self?

It’s not only about rewarding yourself but setting a goal of being able to do something you wouldn’t be able to or dare otherwise. Then THAT is the actual goal for which you need to loose weight. And it is the reason why you want to, that becomes your motivation!

Example: You and your doctor want you to loose weight and you hope to feel lighter and more energetic once you do. What you can do more is carrying a less heavy tote and take a nap every day. Once you’ve lost weight you want to be able to straddle your boyfriend and be on top, then that is the actual goal for why you need to loose weight…

Blossom and dare to be the best you!

To define and work through your steps and obstacles, make an appointment with your favorite coach!

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