How do I practice yoga?
IMG_4761I find rest in each asana, breathing in more life and release physical tension. I choose how I approach the mat, with which emotion I hit the floor – with energy and gusto to become more strong and flexible to warm up, soft and slow to wind down and care for myself, or relaxing to rejuvenate and refresh my body through the stretching.
IMG_4762Breathing out when I push into and extend the motion, breathing in for strengthening, letting my whole body breathe when I dare to. All with presence. How do you do yours?
IMG_4763I have practiced yoga since the beginning of the 2000’s and aim to have one instructor offer a couple of classes at Telluselle Living Center as part of the whole curriculum.

(A good tip for those of you who might not be used to winters, wear your leggings underneath your jeans or other pants, I do!)


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