In the name of equality, one could advocate that we all can become enlightened and thus reach the status of a Buddha. For many years I have seen statues of Buddhas and mostly recognized that some seems to be from India and others from China.


Meanwhile I have also encountered Tibetan style and Japanese style of chanting, so what is then the Chinese type? I passed by the Fo Guang Shan temple the other day and was invited in to have a look around. They have the Medicine Buddha in the middle, flanked by the heir and the one for Enlightenment.


Here in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, they are going to start a meditation class in January together with learning more about Zen, while one can pray and enjoy reading a sutra already now on Sundays. I love the way they have put the seats alongside the walls for stability and comfort – something to remember for Telluselle Living Center too! And here I am standing next to the Buddha for Paradise. (I also noticed Kuan Yin and a picture of the Great Buddha).


Can one use Buddhism if one is Christian? It is a philosophy for having a better life, especially when born again. As with all things, it is a matter of being free to believe and to learn how to practice our virtues, starting by calming down our mind with meditation. Have you tried it?

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