What is it that lights up your eyes and makes you feel inspired to get going? Is it a cause your care about or something you like doing? What exhilirates you?

IMG_4513Passion is the fuel for our life energy, it is feeling to expand and extend beyond our boundaries to propel us forward. Even though passion might exist within relationships, it is not what we refer to when it comes to Lifecoaching. In fact, relying on your partner only to always supply you with energy, will most likely end the relationship.

How do you then best find out and can you have several passions? Find two, one thing you love doing, which may or may not be creative and/or physical, such as a craft or a sport. It can also be an intellectual pursuit such as writing or artistic such as sawing. And one cause you feel passionate about. What makes you upset that you want to change? What do you think is important in your life, in the life of your closest circles and in society? How can you contribute and with what to the improvement of something?

Start by answering yourself these questions and try it directly. You can also recall what you used to do, whether when you were a child and dreaming of becoming something special or loved playing, or simply when you were single, younger or the like. Or have you developed a new taste for something? Remember, your passion and its reasons, is uniquely yours to pursue, whether you practice alone or together with others.

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