It was through living in Hawaii, I first encountered the use of Aloe Vera. In the beginning of my fascination for this plant, it was primarily for topical use to soothe sunburn and lessen itching skin or calm down blemishes. It worked like a charm!

Soon, I tried drinking some juice but mostly found myself running to the bathroom more often, so instead I was recommended pulp. Ah, what a relief!

For about a year (or was it two?), I drank a shot of pure organic Aloe gel in the morning to lessen my stomach problems, which also lessened my skin problems from within (together with using biological products only with plantbased ingedients). Nowadays, I just gulp down the ready made bottle of mixed drink with pulp in it, when ever I feel the need for some refreshment.

It’s a healthy little plant, that also is easy to grow on your own.

Have you ever tried it or do you have any other favorite remedy? Share below in the comments if you want!

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