Starting a business naturally includes a bit of research about competitors. While all activities can be considered a competition for time and money, it is what is similar to our own, that we need look up and into. We do this to differentiate and position ourselves on the marketplace both in terms of communication and marketing, and the actual offers, while also see what we can use and learn from, whether it is choosinh physical location and space, or design and name, a price model for customer care or opening hours.


Today, I passed by the “Meridian Spa” in Frankfurt. They focus on fitness, wellness and bodycare. Our membership idea is from gyms like this, but at Telluselle Living Center the activities will be different and yet focused on the same fitness, wellness and bodycare together with mind and spirit for the soul.

With every word we use to describe our business, we must fill it with the meaning and emotional charge we want. Is dancing fitness and where do we find our customers?

Coaching at TLC for example, isn’t about personal trainers at all, but rather a speaking partner to use for your own decision making and development, but not therapy.IMG_4363

When all this is thought out and described in a business plan that is constantly being updated, we can build a foundation to grow from that is both steady and flexible. This way, our business also becomes a specialized brand. Together we form the culture that will permeate the organization. This implies ensuring that we live like we teach. Do you think of yourself as someone who lives organically based on forming your own relationship to nature with a touch of flair? Do you practice meditation and qigong and use biological care products? Then we can make a fit. Let’s try and find out!

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