Are you fooling yourself? Your mind might be aware, but your body not.

There seems to be a broad and popular demand for bottled water with added taste. But if you drink something that tastes pineapple for example, don’t you think your body wonders why it is not receiving the actual yummy fruit?

In Germany they add a little juice to spring water making it into a sparkly drink. You can also opt for the actual juice instead or have a real fruit. Or if you can make sure you have enough of water for the day with the added flavor.

What really matter is what your body wants. This all depends on climate, hormones and task of the day. What tastes good yesterday may be too much today, or maybe you want more of the same?

Feel it within and follow this feeling by doing, so you can fulfill this particular need. Maybe your goal is a need, then just imagine how much relief, peace and satisfaction you will feel when you meet it. When it is, it will propel you forward with positive action.

A sprinkle of real lime makes me drink up. Do you?

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