For those of you who might not know about the secret treasures of German cuisine beyond sauerkraut, I’d thought I’d enlighten you a little. In the health food, special food, and natural food supplement business, Germany is the pioneer. It is here you first could find glutenfree quality products as well as herbal teas and even Bach’s natural remedies (drops made of flower essence we ingest to assist our mood). They seem to lack lactose-free products though unless people just take extra enzymes, which I am also going to try.

Many brands are German’s own and while most ingredients only can be read in German and/or French, the label “Bio-food” indicates its organic origin.

Now that I found my gluten free cereal, pasta, puffed quinoa, tofu and quorn, I naturally feel more at ease. One could simply calling it acquiring an improved ecological taste.

Which are your must have’s?

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