IMG_3912Here at Telluselle Living Center, we coach people with the Socratic method which means that you are in focus and your own goal with the coaching leads the sessions, although the conversations that take place are led by the coach. It is the conversations in themselves that is the coaching! Everything is adapted to you in the moment but following a couple of steps, or simply have a variety of focus-areas to talk about and cover to enable personal growth and empowerment, letting you explore and work towards your own goals including living with a good health. It’s all about the dialogue, questions that open up for more creativity and new perspectives enabling to deepen your understanding, feel more compassion and find stronger motivation from within.

Many are the how to-programs and self-help books and videos out on the market that promises you that you will earn more money, become more successful and be happy if you just listen carefully and preferably sell the very same video you are watching. But here there is no agenda to make you into a teacher of a subject you have never studied yourself, just to sell that idea to someone else. Here the focus is you, alone with the coach or in small groups with others who have similar goals or share a common background or situation that is a call for positive change. When there are obstacles to overcome, including fears, we will define these and perhaps set a new goal to start a therapy or use a special method to overcome those, but it is not the within the scope of our coaching to offer any therapeutic methods, rather we continue when the therapy is done.


Since most people want to both earn a decent living and have fun meanwhile, it is the foundation for our coaching: how to work, with what, where, why and when and with whom.  The things we cover are:

  • Introduction – What is coaching and how does a session work?
  • Purpose – What do you want the coaching to help you with? Define a problem.
  • Inventory – Which are your best skills and which would you like to develop?
  • Possibilities – What can you work with and where?
  • Passion – What is your motivation that makes it worthwhile?
  • Learning – How and what can you learn? Which insights have you done?
  • Time Management – What do you prioritize and is that what you want?
  • Health and Habits – Which conditions do you live under and how do you feel?
  • Goals – Dream and make it into an attainable goal
  • Action steps – Make a plan to make it happen and start doing it with continuous feedback and follow up support

Welcome to try and know that it will most likely take about six weeks (three sessions every two weeks) to see and feel initial progress. A complete overhaul requires about 3-6 months to get going. We work with ethical standards and require a professional education and experience by those we employ or assign as coaches and circle conversation leaders.

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