The last years I have been realizing not only how and what I eat, but also that when plays a part in my overall health experience. It is quite an uplifting motivation to get to know one’s body enough to feel it from within what works and what doesn’t, when and why.

Factors that plays a part for our digestion and assimilation are:

  • Stress level
  • Hormones
  • Allergies
  • Time of day
  • Physical needs such as for exercise
  • Combination
  • Herbs and spices
  • Preparation (boiled, fried or raw)
  • Climate temperature

All these have an effect on our energy level and affects one another. An example is that a little of the same helps, such as adding a little oil to your pasta when you have salmon with it, interestingly enough makes it easier for our body to absorb fat, as well as an added snack of carbs again later. Whereas I can get a little nauseous the day after if I have boiled potatoes at night to my dinner, eating a bag of potato chips can make me feel less. However, if I have boiled potatoes for lunch and some other kind of starch like rice or pasta with my dinner, I feel better. A couple of sugar-cubes or teaspoons straight up, can make me anything from nauseous to take it away completely.

All this can be felt in our bodies and even differ a little from time to time depending on the listed factors above. When getting to know what works best for me, this reminded me of how I have heard about Chinese Medicine and their way of dividing certain foods into giving and taking energy, elements and connection to organs while assessing a person’s individual needs. Practicing Qigong ha enabled me to get to know my body better. What have you discovered about yourself? Do you see a pattern somewhere that you know is working for you better? If it is good for you, it is healthy to follow!

Here is some more about it.


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