LogoWhen I first started dancing classical ballet in Lund, we used to do turns on the diagonale across the floor and I felt so proud that I had learnt the secret of turning your head first before the rest of the body follows, spotting at a point on the wall. Over the years, this was not necessarily forgotten but hard to follow with the extra stress, loss of dance practice and the twists and turns of life coming inbetween. Someone stalking me as a teenager made me feel like I always had to be on the run.

However, when I changed career to work as Professional Lifecoach, the name for my business became Balancefocus, registered in late 2001 as my second business, and soon this became a metaphor for keeping a clear view of what is important and finding balance in life. I worked as a Lifecoach parallel to my studies and after until 2004 when I left for Honolulu to grieve my mother and restore a more thorough approach. After my return in 2005, I continued again with the addition of small dance workshops, but was suddenly threatened in 2006 again after I was in 2003 which forced me to go on sick-leave until 2007. I was however again sabotaged and threatened (beginning in 1996 and in 1997 when I started my first freelancing business as copywriter after a couple of years as employed) and therefor decided to move back to the United States in 2010. After a good start, I was again stalked and sabotaged, whereupon I was forced to return to Sweden. After a year of recuperating, I wrote my second book and finished editing my first and was about to start working again in 2014. Whereupon again, my life was destroyed by some impostor or stalker.

My preferred coaching is indeed with private citizens one-on-one where I ask questions similar to a really good interview where you grow insights about yourself, your pattern of thinking and behaving, what your goals and dreams are and how you can reach them. To our assistance, we have lots of tools for time-management, making an inventory of your skills coming from your experience and education and ways of exploring what you are longing for the most. To reach these goals or simply feel better about your life, an improved self-confidence is usually a must wherefor we cover that too, using things like affirmations and mirror-work to discover which needs and conditions you lack and prefer. And of course which values you live by setting boundaries and what fuels your passion. Living a life in balance is to make room for physical exercise, mental training, spiritual seeking and emotional intimacy besides work and sleep, food and rest. And recreation! All in moderation and flexibility with a sense of taking responsibility.

Naturally, similar to therapists, it goes by evidence that living by and trying on these different tools for our own lifejourney is a must, including having been coached and being trained to, like I have through my research and classes at Malmo College (University). Read more here. I also offer coaching in small groups where the members have similar goals or simply would like to grow in awareness and expand their thinking to define various virtues with examples, as well as assist Human Resource Managers and unions with career development discussions and physical fitness centers with Lifecoaching for their customers together with their personal trainers.

Not too surprisingly I found my way back to the dance floor with classical music and new ways to spot to keep my focus. What is yours?

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