logo_flower_smallThis past Sunday after evening mass at church, I received some much needed and welcome feedback on my business idea by a guy from the Netherlands who is working with industrial management for KTH in Stockholm. We were talking specifically about the house that I would like to build since architecture was his first major and sustainability with smart energy solutions is part of my idea. How can this be incorporated in the build?

His response was that because of the planned design of natural bamboo, most investors and inventors would rather remove themselves from a project like this unless there would be a new material or some kind of technology added to the structure, making it interesting to invest in for them. Using natural material in a simple way, suggest going backwards, he explained. Thus, partnering up with some kind of already working feature or creating a reason to invent and improve, would gain more interest.

I said I was going to ponder about it and it was of course invaluable to learn when planning and seeking investors. On the other hand, it also becomes a reason to decide to keep it natural and simple anyway, based on preferences and the people I hope to work with, alongside adapting to a location.

The actual decision on this, is always found in flexibility and with colleagues of course, but also by budget and offer. This type of feedback is crucial for business development since it provides one with another perspective formerly not taken into account. Who can you get advice and suggestions from? And who can you help? Find someone today!

We are going to make it modern in a simple way.

Photo shows first sample of bamboo flower for lei to members, made a couple of years ago.

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