There is a saying that what you can’t eat, you shouldn’t put on your body or in your hair and I keep that in mind. This also is important for deodorants which used to be a hot topic among holistic medicine advocates, allegedly contributing to causing breast-cancer. Naturally, this too was something I took to heart.

I became a half-vegetarian in the end of the 90’s in an effort to improve my health, especially to calm down my sensitive stomach. At the same time, I also suffered numerous break-outs and had a sensitive skin. I must have tried almost all brands, both cheap and very expensive such as Lancome and Biotherm, just as I took antibiotics for three months. But, after spending some time in Hawaii in 2004 and 2005, I met an organic hairdresser who had just opened up his new salon in Malmö, Sweden upon my return, who also had been to Hawaii. Joshua introduced me to the brands Santé and John Masters Organics which I both tried and instantly fell for, finally feeling a difference! I have alternated a couple of times with Eco-cosmetics and Uertekram, but for the most time, simply returned to use JM that I use to the last drop. These products contain nothing but biological ingredients, some organic, and their facial series are based on Aloe Vera instead of water. I used to dream of never having to wear make-up every day. Now I can! (When I do, I have tried Jane Iredal, Nvey Eco and Anne-Marie Björlid besides Santé and in the wintertime in Sweden, I have also used Rosenserien several times.)


In fall 2008, I also realized that I had a problem with wheat and barley so I had become glutenintolerant, perhaps increased due to stress. After removing that from my choice of foods together with cooking rather than frying, increasing my dance practice and taking more iron and pure Aloe Vera gel internally, after about three months I finally felt so much better, it was as if I became a new person! Something I treasure and would like to keep. These still are my favorites.

Have you ever tried dyeing your hair yourself? It goes without saying that we want to extend our organic care to also embrace what we otherwise do at salons. Even plant-based and organic products come in packages to do at home, or at a salon. Most natural coloring are made with a base of Henna, making the tone red at its foundation, which is important to remember if you for example is blonde, or when the sun bleaches it during summer.
hair_behindThe brand Khadi comes from India and is a mix of herbs and comes in a green paste that you simply mix into hot water with a regular spoon and then apply upside down in the shower from the roots and out to the ends. The longer you let it sit, the darker the tone. An hour is usually good. And any spots washes off easily without leaving stains. Best of all, you don’t have to deal with any strong smells, just like spinach! No bleeding either after the first wash. This one is called dark brown.

Do you dare to make the change? You never know, they might even be from heaven scent.

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