One of the nicest things about having lived abroad is the ability to compare, which allow us to grow in understanding and see more variations. While I was out walking yesterday, a little more on the countryside than inside downtown Stockholm, I recognized some plants and rocks that used to fascinate me growing up.


My mother shared that this particular plantain is used to cover and clean wounds. And this pretty piece of pink granite is commonly used for countertops and tombstones and is a continuous geological development from lava, which comes from my father’s knowledge. In Hawaii, sometimes ministers use a ti-leaf to wrap around a new piece of lava as a blessing for a newly wedded couple, similar to Mazeltov, it feels. Through this we can recognize that we all come from the same origin.

20170709_183735 (2).jpg

And from Finland comes the tradition to use bundles of birch to cleanse ourselves in a sauna or used as a broom, similar to in a native American sweat-lodge. But right now, I’m enjoying the summer warmth outside!


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