Had an exquisite couple of hours where I wrote down my goals for the rest of the year, to make myself new to do-lists which always alleviates my stress and renews my sense of positive focus and inspiration, including how to approach my next book project.


I pulled out my new silk to see how to go about sawing it into a tunic. I had realized that the hole for our heads had been cut out in the wrong way before, wherefore it didn’t feel right with my other. As I pondered about how to fold the seams, a spirit moved the fabric into perfect position! It must have been my grandmother, who loved to saw. That also made me realize the necessity to pin it first of course. I am not that good at this, can you tell? I will do my best!


Then I found some Bach concerts for piano (no2) to listen to and just let myself try a variety of motions, letting them emerge naturally, energized by the music, first with some Hula hands getting intuitive with my heart and soft hips, then developed into Duncan style. Would love to do a whole choreography sometime.

Followed by a walk in the sunshine, enjoying recognizing some plants and their use from growing up.

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