Sometimes we do little things and forget about it, only to months later find it was a blessing in disguise. This past spring I have had to move a lot and almost felt I would have to start living on the street almost due to all delays, setbacks, sabotages and stalking, especially financially. To stay safe I have both prayed myself, asked people around me and churches for help and to be shown where to go. I have received giftcards and money that way as well as abundant loans at the pawnshop with bonus making a real difference.

Earlier this year in the winter I passed by the City Backpacker’s hostel and saved their business card. However I first used it to leave a greeting on the backside for the landlord I was subletting an apartment from over Christmas where I also had stayed earlier last year. It seemed like it was furnished from my mother’s but that just mostly made me smile about the magic of spirits. He left the business card on the table when it was time to move out and I put it back in the pocket of my green planner, where there also was small stickers with letters on them from Moleskin. Then I forgot about it.

However in mid-April, I had to change hostel and went there. It certainly felt like a very welcome respite and blessing, away from the cursing and meeting lots of nice people in a nice environment and when I moved out, I noticed an old book that I had seen at my former landlord’s. I smiled at it and didn’t say anything but hoping it was a good thing. Most of the rooms had big letters in them, each one of their own. And a Canadian friend enabled me to pay just in the nick of time to be able to keep the roof over my head and food, shared alongside quotes from the Bible that had me in awe because it changed me the moment I read it, so that I would regain my own faith and composure.


Later in May as I had to move again, I discovered what I had kept in the pocket of my agenda. At the end of the month, I also saw that the sticker with “Makahala” had found its way into my Bible that I sometimes carry with me in my purse. It made me feel very moved since I was blessed to stay with a new friend from Siberia and her family, that I had gotten to know through a Buddhist center close by where we have chanted. (It deserves its own blogpost.) Many little things were turned around by colors and objects to make things even in quiet. Not to mention getting to taste real home-made Borsjtj!

This is what I like to refer to as signs and blessings from the angels. And nothing but Aloha that I receive to be able to endure this transition elsewhere, now when enough evidence has been gathered against the Swedish government to my report thereof to the UN for systematic breaches and my books soon have been updated with edits.

THANK YOU! I share not this to boast, but to instill hope so that you too may believe. Believe in receiving and believe in giving! We make a difference to each other.

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