Late last night, I had been sitting by my computer to do some writing and was feeling tired but still wished that I had went out for a nice walk in the warm evening, so I did.

Since I already had a piece of apple that day and some leftover lettuce leaf, I brought that with me and felt intuitively inclined to walk on the right side of the big road behind my house. I dropped my little scrap close to a bush on the ground, hoping a bunny would find it. Just as I had entered the decided path, a young seagull sat on a lamp post directly in front of me, crying loudly alone. I walked passed it. Close by I saw two cans for paid recycling and thought to myself that must be my payment for providing food and picked them up, yet startled with a little bad conscious and feeling frightened to not have brought the lettuce and apple with me for the seagull, so I walked back and got it while it circled over me a little and followed me along the way a block. Then it disappeared.

Later before I went to sleep, I also thought it could just be God wanting me to eat and go to sleep earlier of course, exhausted as I am of all the setbacks that seems to occur right when I start recuperating.


This made me wonder how much it is our responsibility to share food, to whom, how, where and when, which is the real question for the world.

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