On the upside of not having my own apartment for a couple of months was the secret blessing in living in hostels for a while. At for example Bed and Breakfast and City Backpackers in Stockholm, there is a great community kitchen and place to hang out, like in most hostels, which is great both for budget, making your own gluten-free food with less stress and in good company!

It is always exciting to see whose paths we join for a couple of days, where we are from and what we share and have in common. It is the greatest opportunity to share experiences, opinions and visions about how and where we want to live.


It seems to be a big movement going on in Europe at the moment with not only just refugees, but also silent migrants, people who don’t feel at home in their own country anymore, or simply more at home online and therefor seek to join these new formations of community wherever it may say be happening on a webpage, whether short-term of long-term. We meet based on ambitions and interests. Talking to the two dancers showing up for festivals, a Brooklyn-guy for tap and an Israeli-chick for west-coast swing, was inspiring to see, just like the former Russian-American doctorate student and new friends speaking Portugese, provided me to feel good about exploring new opportunities. This type of travel also enable us to develop and cement our own sense of identity in comparison to cultural behaviors, as well as share sentiments when bad things happen.


Thank you Canada! Inspiration as part of provision.

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